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The Plot Sickens….

I hear today that Scotland would keep sterling as her currency following independence. The currency, however, would continue to be controlled by the Bank of England.

This follows last weeks news that Scotland would also lose control of her borders.

And the week before that, we discovered that Scotland would be forced, like any new member, to reapply to the EU to join Le Club Stupide.

I keep asking this, particularly of the SNP wallahs: which definition of the word ‘independence’ are you reading?

Try as I might, I cannot connect Scotland with independence. Because she won’t be. Scottish Law (unique and different from the rest of the UK) will be trumped by EU law.

Borders will be controlled by Brussels.

Currency will be controlled by rUK.

Finance will be controlled by Brussels.

The Environment will be controlled by Brussels.

Fishing Grounds will be controlled by Brussels.

Agriculture will be controlled by Brussels.

But the SNP are selling independence?

Now for the bombshell: I support independence. That Scotland can manage on her own two feet is a given. Much smaller, much poorer nations do it all day long. And, it would be hugely hypocritical of me to deny independence for anyone or any state as I have been seeking the same thing for myself for several years now.

In much the same way that Scotland does not need a new ‘parent’, I do not need the state. I take nothing from it, and in fairness, I do not want to surrender, by force, 73% of my sweat equity. I work for the good of my family, not for the good of the state.

The SNP, or any other organisation that preceded it, has had 306 years to plan this divorce. But what, I ask, is the point of divorcing one partner only to rush into a relationship with a known abuser? This new partner will order Scotland around, stipulate regulations (even if what Scotland already had in place was fairer or more effective), it will demand money, and, like rUK, it will render its MPs impotent. It alone will decide on areas that Scotland can drill for oil, or shale gas. It will decide the taxation laws; and by that I mean all of them: income tax, corporation tax, fuel duties, VAT, and a thousand others. It will instigate more, harsher green policies. The same ones that cause us crippling energy bills today, but I predict that it will get worse.

The simple question Scotland has to answer next year is this: do we wish to become the newest, shiniest puppet that Brussels can manipulate, or do we wish to be truly independent?

Alex Salmond wants independence at any price. He has lied about legal advice concerning Scotland’s entry to the EU. He has lied about how many jobs renewable energy plans will create. How many other lies has he told?

And why, for the love of all things holy, must we be taken into the EU without a mandate from the people? By what right does Wee Eck insist that independence and EU membership go together?

5.2 million people have a big decision to make in 2014.

They can only make an informed decision when they have been properly informed.


Whats your view?…

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  • Mac February 21, 2013, 11:40 am

    Its about having your own begging bowl (the oil will not be forever), your own seat at the table and all the jollies their can milk out of their people.

    The two things that irks me the most about this ‘referendum’ on independance are this:

    1) People who live in Scotland, but are not Scottish and perhaps do not understand the issues, will get a vote, where as those just south of the boarder will not.

    2) Cameron and parliament is happy to allow the Scots a referendum in 2014 about whether or not they wish to remain in ‘our’ little Union. But the rest of us have to wait until 2017 or later, perhaps never, to decide whether we wish to leave another Union.

    What ever the Scots decide, good lick to them.

  • Fidel Cuntstruck February 21, 2013, 11:50 am

    Wee Eck wants far more than just independence Cap’n. Wee Eck sees it as merely a step towards his ultimate goal – a Blair-like global presence, travelling the globe as an ambassador for, and speaker on, anything that pays well.

    It’s an easy sell – most of your fellow Scots would like to feel more free and have better control of their own destinies – as long as someone else is doing all the work. So too many of them will never even question his real motives, and never look far enough ahead to realise that the chains they percieve they are currently held in will feel like nothing once the Stupid Club gets control. You might well be able to stand on your own to feet as things are, but then you need to factor in, as you’ve already pointed out, the Tithes that the Stupid Club will impose.

    • Captain Ranty February 21, 2013, 12:06 pm


      You are right. Again.

      The sheeple here are no different from the sheeple down south.

      Very few will investigate for themselves. Very few will even give a shit. More will be swayed by Braveheart, which will be looped night and day until all concerned are suitably psyched up. Edward of the Long Shanks will morph into Elizabeth of the Short Shanks.

      They will throw off the “English yoke” with glee, and the next day, when the hangovers subside a little, they will discover that the EU yoke is far more uncomfortable, but by then it will be too late.


  • Captain Ranty February 21, 2013, 11:58 am


    I am an Englishman. I have lived here since 1989.

    It (independence) bothered me for a long time. I wondered if it was any of my business, or whether I should simply abstain and let the Scots decide for themselves. But it will affect me. Especially if we crawl, begging bowl leading, to the EU and beg entry.

    Like it or not, 10% of the population up here are English. Christ alone knows how many other ‘foreigners’ are here and will vote.

    If the EU is involved in any way, shape or form, I will campaign with every atom of my being for a “No” vote. If, on the other hand, EU membership is taken off the table, I will campaign even harder for a “Yes”.

    If current polls are to be believed (and I suspect they shouldn’t be) a majority would reject independence anyway, despite the lies and spin from the SNP. (And the No camp).

    Regarding Cameron and his promise? We have been there before. His promises are worthless. Anyone falling for his guff needs their bumps felt.


  • Harbinger February 21, 2013, 1:30 pm


    Salmond is no nationalist. Were he, he wouldn’t be allowing mass immigration into Scotland. Here in Dundee there’s a large African population who come to study business at the University of Abertay. It starts with a trickle, then a stream and then a flood. You can always tell when they’re here to stay and there’s more on the way when you see African food stores springing up all over the place. By 2050 there will be more non indigenous in Scotland and there will ultimately be the same situation as in London – black gangs killing one another. All one has to do is look at London in the 70′s before the flood began.

    Secondly a nationalist would be promoting indigenous culture, not a globalist one. I can’t help but agree also with Fidel that wee Ec is simply counting down the days before he becomes another Blair.

    Lastly, since I was away from my home town living in London, the English population has hugely increased. You have to ask why? Better schooling, no overcrowded hospitals, cleaner cities, cheaper housing and rent, more jobs, friendly atmosphere….but there’s a catch; the reason it’s been this way IS because of a low population. As the numbers increase (and they are), the schooling will get worse as more non indigenous teach, hospitals will become overcrowded, cities dirtier, rising house prices and rent, less jobs, the locals begin to dislike non locals….. in fact rent and house prices have increased and there are NO jobs here anymore other than bar work and carers.

    The reality is simple Cap’n. Ec is a communist like all politicians. He’ll prattle on about making Scotland better, when all he’s doing is promoting the globalism and Agenda 21. The people who live here that call themselves Scots, yet aren’t vote for Salmond because he promises separation from England when he knows the crown will always control Scotland. They vote for SNP because they’ve watched Braveheart, yet live by and promote an anti Scots culture, happily allowing their land to be colonised and for globalism to reign. Dundee is full of Marxists and Trotskyists. It’s why it’s the shithole it is.

  • Captain Ranty February 21, 2013, 1:41 pm


    Historically, Scots have always been leaving here in droves, which also accounts for the low population.

    Ever since the Clearances (I know, being forced out is very different from wanting to spread your wings), they have been very busy leaving. Everywhere I go, and I do mean everywhere, there is a Scots’ community. They leave the homeland, for good reasons and bad, and they forge a life for themselves and their families elsewhere.

    Wee Eck droned on and on about The Homecoming a couple of years ago. Fuck knows how much it all cost us but he was strenuously urging Scots to drop everything and rush back here.

    For what?

    At a guess, I’d say he needed more cash-cows to fund his wet dream.


    • Harbinger February 21, 2013, 2:25 pm


      Culloden effectively guillotined Scotland and its culture. The Highland clearances depopulated much of Scotland as you know. And yes, when I moved to London in the early 90′s there was a Scottish community, in fact I lived with the Irish in Cricklewood and Homerton (Hackney) back in the late 80′s.

      There no longer is an Irish or Scots community anymore.

      Certainly the clearances sent them to America and the Empire sent them to Australasia and Asia, but this wouldn’t have happened had there been no clearances. Tell me cap’n, if Scotland continues with low birtrate and migrants continue piling in, does it remain Scotland or nothing but a globalist state of the world?

      And yes, he wanted more tax payers back presumably, those who have fled under successive Labour local councils who have destroyed any bit of culture and heritage that remained, turning cities and towns into shadows of their former self.

      If an immigrant comes to a land with his partner, not of that land or culture, would you view their children of that nationality? It seems that nationality is now gained merely from being born in a land or having lived there for ‘x’ amount of years. As this is the case it makes nationality defunct, after all, how can you have indigenous scots living along people who see themselves as Scottish yet no relation to the Scots wher the name originates? My point cap’n, you’re either Scottish (of the indigenous Scots) or you’re not. The same goes for the English, Irish, Welsh and all nationalities, other than American. If you were born in Scotland but not of the Scottish you would not be Scottish, but a legal alien living in a land, not of your people culture or ancestry. You would never be anything more than a guest.

  • Captain Ranty February 21, 2013, 2:46 pm


    I always thought that the grandparent thing was a good rule of thumb.

    If both were born (wherever) and your parents were both born (in the same country) then that makes you whatever your grandparents were/are.

    It’s an easy question for me. We can (and have) traced our lineage (on my dads side) to York. All the way back to 1198. I guess that makes me an Englishman through and through.

    However, in my later years, I have come to think of myself as an Earthling. This is MY planet. All of it. Borders are arbitrary. Just squiggly lines drawn on maps.

    I believe this makes me more than a guest. :)


    • Harbinger February 21, 2013, 3:30 pm


      I suppose my grievances lie with the non indigenous of the UK. Bottom line, before the Angles, Saxons and Jutes piled over, the Britons like the Scots were Celts. So in effect the English are more Celtic than Germanic and therefore the Irish, Scots, Welsh and English are merely four arguing siblings.

      Take it into a wider perspective, the Celts controlled a large part of Europe meaning the French and Spanish join the four arguing siblings to make six along with other nations. European culture although separate is similar. It’s when you bring the people from outside the one big ‘European family’ does the problem occur.

      My point behind all of this is, if you’re going to have nationality either stick by what defines and makes yours distinct and different to others or don’t.

  • Free2Bme (Edinburgh) February 21, 2013, 5:51 pm

    Hi Cap’n

    My vote stays in my pocket. When i get an MP who rants about the money fraud and how we must change it, or promotes independence WITHOUT the CROWN (not lizzie battenberg) then i may vote again…

    Won’t happen, as half the M(S)P’s are lawyers (or ex) having swore allegiance to THE CROWN. This is a political ploy to legitimise their position… Don’t be fooled, don’t give them a mandate.

    I was in Dublin leafleting before their ”vote YES on child’s rights” leafleting to vote ‘no’. Now the state can ‘legally’ take their children. People were conned. Sames happening here… its to quell the unrest saying its the peoples choice.

    But i was flabberghasted to find Eire does not have ‘our’ Queen.. but it has ‘CROWN’ courts and sheriffs… WHY?.. and its worldwide… that is the Beast Cap’n

    Scotland is already independent. All that happened was McDonalds joined Burgerking in a merger to make UK plc. When did the Scottish people ever vote to join the UK?

    As an aside, very interesting video just out for anyone who has a mortgage -!

  • Dioclese February 21, 2013, 6:20 pm

    As I see it, Scotland really just wants to be independent of the hated English. The problem, of course, is that if the Scots break away then they know damn well they don’t have enough ackers to go it alone so they need to be part of the EU in order to get huge wads of money chucked at them in order for their economy to survive.

    They are following the Irish model. It worked for them but the irony of the situation is that the wads of money thrown at them by the EU will be coming if large part from the very people they wanted to get away from in the first place – us!

    Mind you, from an English point of view we could also renegotiate our membership of the EU on the basis that the UK is no longer they UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, but the United Kingdom og England, Wales and Northern Ireland which just might be beneficial to us.

    Now, if we could just instil some bottle into the Welsh and get them to fuck off as wee, then we might really be getting somewhere!

  • Dioclese February 21, 2013, 6:21 pm

    Sorry, Cap’n but when I really getting ranting, my typing goes to shit!

  • Kyd February 21, 2013, 6:25 pm

    I don’t see nationality being a problem as long as people fit in to the culture where they are living. The saying goes “when in Rome”………. This would certainly relieve racial tensing and give those evil bastards one less thing to divide and conquer us all with….

    Just a thought,


    • fgbgb February 21, 2013, 10:10 pm

      Funnily enough I am right in the middle of an argument with british ex-pats. I have been called “holier than thou” because I said that joining an ex-pat clique of foreigners is not conducive to becoming a local which is why I avoid them.

  • Captain Ranty February 22, 2013, 9:05 am

    It is possible to do both. It just needs a bit of thought.

    I always felt that there was no point seeing somewhere new if all you were going to do was spend all your time at the Brit Club.

    If you don’t experience the local culture and make local friends it is a wasted opportunity. In my experience, Brits tend to mainly discuss what they miss about the UK, or complain about the indigenous.

    I always get out and about for a bit of an adventure.


    • Kyd February 22, 2013, 10:25 am

      With that, people should celebrate and be proud of their culture but not at the expense of segregation from the host country. A good example of this is some people of the Moslem faith want sharia law applying in the UK, a “Christian” country…. This is what rubs against me. If you want sharia law then fuck off to a country that practices it. Same goes for ex-pats…… If you want to live like you did in the UK then stay in the UK FFS…… (For the record I have no problem with anyone who accepts a brainwashing in the name of an organized religion, just don’t force that bullshit on me).


      • Captain Ranty February 22, 2013, 10:34 am


        That is spot on.

        I don’t think I would have survived my many trips to North Africa or the Middle East if I insist on starting a Christian church every time I went.

        The “When in Rome…” adage is a good one.

        I blend in, as far as possible, and try not to piss anyone off.

        It has worked. So far.


      • Harbinger February 22, 2013, 1:44 pm


        I agree many times with what you write and this time not that I’m saying I don’t but as usual, every post can be debated.
        You say that the UK is a Christian country. Is it? Sure the common law is based on the law of Moses, but how many Christians are there per ratio of population? Look also at Christianity; where did it come from? It came not that far from where Islam came from. So look at the picture here, Christianity came to the UK, usurped paganism, the natural way of life to the indigenous peoples and why shouldn’t Islam be the same if people want it to be?

        I’m not saying that I’m a supporter of Islam and infact I do agree that if you want to live under Islamic way of life then go to the middle east. However, in saying that, guaranteed, there will be more Muslims in the UK than indigenous by around 2060, so it will not only be an Islamic country then but one very possible under sharia law. Who’s therefore to blame? Well I need not answer that question as it’s obvious. It’s not the government, but the moronic voters who continue voting in these cocksuckers to impose legislation detrimental to their very existence and way of life.

        Brick lane in east London was for a large time in the 19th and mid to late 20th century a predominantly Jewish area and heaven’s above, before that an English stronghold (lol) yet look at it now? It’s known as Bangla town (after Bangladesh). I still maintain an Islamic majority towards the end of the century throughout the whole of the UK but I do also believe that the continuing growth of Islam is 100% planned in order to foment animosity from the indigenous (I use that term lightly) and push more support Israhell’s way in their fight for ‘survival’ against the Muslim hordes around them who want to ‘wipe Israel off the face of the earth’ as we are told (lol).

        Moreso Kyd, I’m still trying to fathom out just what is indigenous culture today? Do I support women shafting men in the family/divorce courts? Do I support continued feminist bullying? Do I support the homosexuality, homosexual rights, homosexual marriage and right to have families? Do I support fruitcakes wanting to have their John Thomas’ lopped off to become transgenders? Do I want non indigenous the right to be indigenous and take a nationality that is not theirs to take? Do I want homosexuality being taught in the classroom as acceptable? Do I want extreme left wing communist professors indoctrinating children at universities? Do I support the continuing madness foisted upon society, the rules and regulations, reminiscent of a Monty Python sketch?….. Of course I don’t. Yet this is ‘British culture’ today.

        Now ask yourself some questions:

        1. Would feminists have the freedom they have today, to destroy society and promote their cultural Marxism under an Islamic state?

        2. Would women be shafting fathers and husbands in Sharia law courts?

        3. Would homosexuals have the freedoms they have, to get married and have families, spitting in the face of natural life under an Islamic state?

        4. Would transgenders even exist in an Islamic state?

        5. Would we see homosexuality being taught in the classroom under an Islamic state?

        6. Would we see extreme left wing professors promoting Marxism in universities?

        7. Would we…….in an Islamic state etc etc etc?

        The ironic thing here Kyd is that Britain WAS pretty much on a par with Islamic way of life pre WW2, before our society was invaded and conquered by communism. Women were not shafting fathers and husbands in law courts. Women had respect for themselves, didn’t dress like whores (and behave like them) and fuck as many men as they could, popping down to the baby murder clinic, the day after a drunken orgy. Homosexuality was pretty much unheard of and illegal. No one would have had the idea about transgenderism either. There were no lefty professors promoting Marxism in universities. There was no paedophilia, battering and rape of OAPs and the general hell we exist within today.

        The bottom line is that what we are living within today is not just from the teachings and plans of the Frankfurt School of Marxism, but it itself merely continued the agenda within the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. The closest you’d ever get to going back to a pre WW2 society would in fact be under Islamic way of life.
        Now, people will gasp in horror at that statement, especially those who knew my writings when I blogged the Destruction of Britain, but I’m merely making a point that Islamic way of life is much closer to old British way of life than people care to consider, just that instead of Jesus being worshiped it was another called Mohammed.

        Society is going the way it is and the UK will stop being the land of the white man by the end of the century. This CANNOT be stopped so people just have to accept this fact. Where will you run to is the question, when the same scenario will be played out across the whole world where whites are the majority. This inevitability is simply because unlike blacks and asians, white people have no love for their race, culture and ancestry. They have been continually brainwashed by a very powerful minority, into hating themselves and the direct result will be the destruction of their people. I could not pack up my bags, move to another country and be part of a foreign culture I don’t belong to, anymore than I could stay here and be forced to live under Islam. I’ll be dead when the shit hits the fan anyway.

        My point is a simple one Kyd, what will happen will and it will only be stopped if the white people of the UK, wake up, realise there is a ongoing program of white genocide and unite to stop it. Otherwise the white race will continue singing its swan song.

  • Kyd February 23, 2013, 7:57 pm

    Harbinger, I couldn’t agree more but the great brainwashed have been led to believe that “white people uniting” is some sort of racism or fascism, when the subject is matter of fact. Just another divide and conquer in my opinion and as for religion? I read a funny pic that stated “organised religion. Making profits from prophets for centuries”. I have little knowledge of religion because i find it hard to believe something that requires “faith”. It won’t be too long before indigenous people (in the loosest of terms, taking history in to account) of the UK will be in the minority and those celebrity obsessed, brainwashed, miserable wankers will start to realise that something is wrong and it will be too late by then. The people with the means will emigrate and the rest of us will have to lump it. Thanks to central banks and self serving puppets that call themselves the “political class” will have pretty much sealed our fate and worst of all, We will have paid for this shite to happen………. The list of shit that we have allowed to happen is nothing short of criminal and inhumane, but we allowed it and are still allowing it.

    Harbinger, I truly believe we have passed the point of no return and should be preparing for a real shite storm any time soon. Our FIAT based economic system is flawed anyway but when this current bubble bursts we are in Iceland’s shoes but I bet our Government wont start ordering an investigation and convicting criminal bankers. This is just a small part of a much bigger picture and is a big proportion of why I think we are fucked……


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