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Return To Base

Well! I had a fantastic time. Thank you Northampton! Thank you for all the mini-skirted girls, the (surprisingly) low drink prices, and the decent food. Thank you for exposing me to cocaine use in the gents bogs. That was a sight I was hoping to never witness, but there it is. Thank you for being (mostly) a friendly and welcoming town. Thank you for hosting what is surely more than your fair share of Eastern Europeans. Thank you for permitting [...]


Tomorrow morning at Stupid O'Clock I am heading south. My old army pals and I are having a reunion tomorrow night. I will be seeing 20 guys I haven't seen since 1984. As you would expect, I am quite excited about it. My troop was 50 strong, which was unusually high. A standard troop is around 30 but we had several major projects to complete at RAF Laarbruch and we needed extra men. RAF Laarbruch (it is now a civilian [...]

More Fun With Debt Collectors

A couple of weeks ago I received a letter from HMRC. They were demanding money from me. I wrote back telling them (politely) to provide hard evidence or to erm, fuck off. Rather than provide the proof I demanded from them concerning the alleged debt, they simply had a debt collection agency contact me instead. The DCA phoned last week but I missed the call. This morning I received a threatening letter. They demanded that I pay up or they [...]

Saturday Sniggers…

Short selection, but good. Look: If only ALL solicitors would follow this path... Not quite so funny... CR.


Folks, My mother in law died last Saturday. She was a lovely lady. We will be heading down to Manchester tomorrow for her funeral on Monday. Hopefully, it will be a celebration of her life rather than a mournful wailing over her exit. All things being equal, we will get back home on Wednesday. Please use the white space below for general chit chat, and for posting any links you think we may be interested in. Edited to add some [...]

Nigel Talks To The Dinosaurs

I always enjoy his speeches in Brussels. This one is no exception: CR.


Allegedly this is also true: Allegedly it's all kicking off in York: And allegedly, Wimbledon is on: That's me. CR.