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Ponderable Pix

A selection of images stolen completely at random and with no sense of guilt.... Eeh, the good old days. (Bengal 1903). That's yer lot. CR.

Politics Is A Filthy Business

Not the noble art, as once practised, but modern politics. You almost have to be filthy to join in the game. Filthy rich helps, but being amoral, greedy and slimy seem to be major assets on (otherwise empty) C.V's. This week we were treated to the (now usual) spectacle of a serving Minister being caught with her hand in the till. Maria Miller's theft started at around £90,000 but that was halved on appeal, and because she swore to say [...]

Sheep? We Should Be So Lucky…

The man has a point. Tip of the beret to Quinn Stretton (on Twitter) for the find. Have a great weekend, slaves. The new tax year starts on Monday! CR.

CPS Gets Caught Out

This, I think you will agree, is incredible. Many thanks to Twisted Root for sending the link. Synopsis: man drives van with no insurance, tax or MOT, gets pulled over by the cops, lots of nonsense from the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) follows, court appearances, a spirited (and lawful) defence ensues, man walks away without being charged with any crime. If you are short of time, just watch from 16 minutes to the end. Some quite startling facts are given [...]

Stop Asking Nicely

Have a look at this clip, courtesy of our good pal Harbinger. As the lady says, after giving you some uncomfortable truths, "Start acting like it". CR.

Piss And Vinegar

Despite my nom de guerre, and some fairly angry posts over the years, I am, by nature, a happy being. You may not believe that, but it is absolutely true. This morning I was up at 5am, had a coffee and a couple of smokes and by 5:45 I was ready to take my son to the nearby town so he could catch his bus into Aberdeen where he attends college. On the way back I got to wondering what [...]

Chewsday Chuckles…

Not much to laugh at these days, but I'll give it a go. Feast yer peepers on these (stolen) images: New law in South Africa demanding a change to bathroom locks: Why Kermit should never have interfered in Scottish politics: Regarding Cameron's latest promise to 'sort out the EU' I say this: Have a super week. CR.