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There And Back Again

Please forgive my ignorance over the last couple of weeks. I have not had internet access. Whilst I still had a job I arranged a holiday in South Africa for my two sons and I. We had a blast. It was so cool to spend time with them, and our family (my nephews and niece) in Johannesburg. We drank far too much, ate fantastic food, and generally laughed for 17 days. We saw many wild critters and then had them [...]

My Review Of 2014

It was shit. CR.

Open Thread

This may cause an outcry, but I have absolutely nothing I need to rant about today. It may be because I am here, in the sunshine, with cheap beer and fags. If you have anything to vent, please go for it. CR.

My Dark, Dark Secret…

In all the years I have been writing this blog, I have never told you a lie. I am proud of that. I am not proud of what follows. I have something to tell you and it isn't easy to write, and, I suspect, it won't be easy to read. There is a good reason for telling you, dear readers, and I will explain why at the end. Your support and advice has been staggering. The various things I have [...]

Still Alive, Still Kicking

Thought I'd drop you all a line. I have now settled in and I have started to enjoy Johannesburg. It is a big city, with lots going on. So far I have: -renewed my relationship with my two nephews and my niece (tragically, my brother and my sister-in-law both died far too soon) but the kids have coped with all that misery and grief and have emerged into balanced, lovely adults. -attended a fundraiser for orphaned kids. It was a [...]

Scotland Says No

But it was hardly a landslide. 55 to 45 is not a massive, overwhelming victory. It means that we will have 1.5 million very pissed off Scots and I cannot help but wonder what happens next. Will the Yes camp accept defeat and get on with getting on with it, or can we expect nastiness and upheaval? Not sure what to expect when I return in December. Update from South Africa: I am settling in well. I have a stunning [...]

D Day

That's me then. Off to the Netherlands tomorrow for some training/familiarisation and on Saturday I'm off to Johannesburg. My apartment looks really nice. As it should be for £1,150 per month. Just as well the firm are paying for it... I head back to Blighty on 5th December and I will try to blog as often as I can. Meantime, you lot stay safe, and stay well. Adios amigos. (or if you prefer Afrikaans-Totsiens kerels). CR.